Le lit luxury animal beds

Purely Gold

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A seat for your pet. It will provide comfort and safety on the go. The Gold Line from Le Luxe-a-Lit Store is a luxury car seat for your dog and cat. It's a great solution for transporting your pet, which at the same time provides maximum comfort. Thanks to our lair, not only your pet is safe, but also the interior of the car, which is protected against fur, scratches and damage. The highest quality materials and unique color combinations will make the seat fit perfectly in even the most luxurious car. The comfortable, soft seat will ensure the pet's comfort for long hours of travel. It is made of soft Velvet fabric - upholstery velor. Filled with the highest quality sponge that adapts to the pet's body and does not deform under its weight. Special features: The comfortable seat is made in Safe-T-Core technology, which provides additional security. Resistant to dirt , nails and mechanical damage. Soft and durable fabrics allow you to enjoy the bed for a long time. It provides comfort, safety and convenience when traveling with your pet. Suitable for both dogs and cats. Inside there are straps to fasten the animal. Technical data: Material: Velvet-soft, durable upholstery velor, filling: upholstery sponge, Dimensions: S: Height: 25cm, width: 55cm, depth 45cm / M: Height: 27cm, width: 65cm, depth 53cm / L: Height: 27cm, width: 72cm, depth 67cm. The product can be washed by hand or in a washing machine up to 30 ° C. For the best quality and color of the cover, do not use bleach. Do not dry clean.
Le Luxe-a-Lit products are 100% European Made